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Jim (White) Harrell & Nick Harrelltake the reader on a thirty year journey from dry lake racing in the 1930s to drag racing during the 1960s. The four photos above illustrate their four decades of racing. Jim’s modifiedwith a Chevy four-banger in the 1930s; his modified running a flathead Ford V-8 in the '40s; their 1929 roadster with Chrysler OHV engine in the '50s; and their“Winged Express” in the 1960s.


In addition to this web site, wehave a book thatdescribes the racing activities of the Harrell brothers.The following image is the book's front cover showing Jim (White) Harrell's straight eight Hudson powered modified on a record breaking run at Muroc dry lake in 1941.













The next image is theback cover of the book showing Jim (on the right) and Nick Harrell at the Harrell Engines shop with the Harrell Special around 1950.


The Book's Table of Contents



Second Edition






Table of Photographs

List of Tables

Preface for Second Edition


INTRODUCTION: Who Was Jim White/Harrell

ONE: Jim’s Speed Shop & Jim’s Auto Parts

Friends, Racing Associates, & L.A.’s Racing Culture

Friends and Close Associates: Vic Meleo

Jim and Other Friends at Muroc Dry Lake

Formation of The Albata Club (1937)

1939-1941: Move to Eight Cylinder Engines

Jim White/Harrell’s First 8-Cylinder Engines

TWO: Outstanding Individuals Make Great Teams

Friends and Close Associates: Tony Capanna

Jim Harrell and His Modifieds

Friends and Close Associates: Bob Noble

Friends and Close Associates: Bob Knapton

Jim White/Harrell’s Hudson 8 in 1941

Pre-War Summary of The Albata Club

The War Years: 1942-1945

THREE: "Ladies & Gentlemen, Start Your Engines"

Nick Harrell Joins Harrell Engines

Southern California Timing Association & the Albatas

Albata Struggles To Sustain Itself In The New Era

Other Forms of Racing and Business Interests

Harrell’s First Post-was Roadster & Racing Equipment

FOUR: The Harrell Brothers, Mainly Drag Racing

The Harrell Engines Shop & Its Community

Friends and Close Associates: Pat & Tony Berardini

Harrell Specials at The Drags

Who Was Don Bell? Many Remember

Mid-1953 to 1954—Harrell Engines Gets Back On Track

FIVE: The "Red Hot Roadster"

The "New" 1929 Roadster with Flathead, 1955

Chrysler OHV Engine In The Harrell 1929 Roadster

The "Red Hot Roadster"

SIX: The Altered Roadster to The "Winged Express"

The Harrell-Reynolds-Borsch Altered

Friends and Close Associates: Don Reynolds

Harrell-Borsch-Muse Altered

A Fling with A Dragster: 1964

Friends and Close Associates: John Muse & Ed Crafton

Harrell-Borsch Stay with The Altered

Friends and Close Associates: Willie Borsch

SEVEN: Harrell Engines: The Legacy

Old School Hot Rodders & Harrell Racing Equipment

All In The Family

Appendix: Photo Gallery of Jim and Nick Harrell





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"Harrell Engines & Racing Equipment:













Jim (White) Harrell & Nick Harrell"


"Jim and Nick Harrell were active Los Angeles hot rodders for more than 30 years. Innovative intake manifolds and finned high-compression heads from Harrell Engines were used by a number of record-setters. Beginning in the ’30s, Jim Harrell raced everything from four-bangers to flatheads, and with his brother Nick, he advanced to Chrysler Hemi engines. Jim’s first speed shop opened on San Pedro Street in 1933. The Harrells were Albata Club founding members and they helped and competed with all the historic names: Tony Capanna; Vic Edelbrock, Sr.; Bob Rufi; Bob Noble; “Wild Willie” Borsch; and a slew of others pioneers. The rare, faded black-and-white photos in this book are a treat. Many were simply taken as snapshots at the dry lakes, but they depict historic cars and give readers a sense of a simpler time, when you drove or flat-towed your roadster up to the dry lakes, stripped it of any remaining non-essentials and ran the clocks. This book tells it the way it was."


Jim (White) Harrell & Nick Harrell

A Customer Review



Posted on amazon.com by B. "SoCal Woodworker


A Nostalgic Look back


"The Harrell Engines book is a nostalgic look back on the pioneers of the sport of racing. This book starts with the 'roots' of drag racing and how drag racing grew. The book explains the connection between the Harrell brothers and the young racers. The magic came with their engine building. The 'need for speed' was the mantra of every racer that 'hung out' at the Harrell shop where the exchange of ideas and experiments would take place. In so many words this shop-talk was the meeting of the 'hot rod' minds. The book gave me a blizzard of memories. The Harrell brothers were in a sense true alchemists when it came to racing engines. They like so many of the drag racing pioneers, took the dream of drag racing to a whole new level and made the sport of drag racing the spectacle it is today. I highly recommend this book!"



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For more information about Jim & Nick Harrell's racing activities, click on the "Harrell Engines' Race Cars," "Harrell Racing Equipment" and "Harrell-Borsch Roadster & Altered 1956-1966," tabs (pages) in this web site.